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Our Japanese rice crackers are loved by the people in this town. Terakoya Hompo, Fushimi Branch

The friendly atmosphere of this town and the noisy crunch of rice crackers are a good match. Enjoy the taste of the crackers we are so proud of.

We are a rice cracker specialty shop established in 1985 in Ohra, Kyoto. Most of the rice crackers distributed in the market now are made mostly from rice flour or ordinary cooking rice to reduce costs and give them a more uniform appearance. However, we make it a policy to use only domestically grown high-gluten rice. This results in extra lightness. Even young children and elderly people can enjoy our rice crackers. We are also proud of the delicious flavor of the soy sauce slowly matured in a cedar keg by a long-established soy sauce manufacturer.

Enjoy the flavors appreciated by the common people of Japan. These flavors began in Fushimi.

Thanks to our faithful customers, we now have 27 shops all over Japan, mainly at tourist resorts. The Fushimi Branch, located near the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine, conveys the atmosphere of a traditional shopping area. It is OK to buy just one cracker. Why don't you try one, while you stroll around this area? We have a few other shops in the area, which sell Japanese souvenirs, such as chopsticks and handmade crepe paper products. They are well worth a visit!

  • This assortment of our rice crackers in our original Fushimi Branch label (540 yen) sells well. Many people buy this as a souvenir just for the pretty packaging!

  • "Fushimi-Yumekurabito" is another shop in our group. They sell traditional Japanese craft products, such as noren split curtains for doorways, paper umbrellas and much more. One of the most popular items is Japanese dolls (starting at 1,080 yen).

  • Another of our shops, "Fuyu-sha" is a specialty shop selling Japanese handmade crepe paper goods. This cute little bag with its metal fox clasp is sold exclusively at their Fushimi branch.

  • "Yuzen" is a Terakoya shop specializing in handmade chopsticks. Items with foxes and torii gates are sold no where but at their Fushimi store. (1,080 yen) You can even have your name engraved on them.

Touristic spots recommended by shop owners

Senbon Torii (thousands of torii gates) of Fushimi Inari Shrine

Symbolic not only of the Fushimi area but also of Kyoto, these torii gates line the way from the inner shrine on Inariyama Mountain all along the path to the shrine. It was believed that persons that made offerings of torii gates would have their prayers answered. This custom originates from the homonym toru (come true/pass through). Another custom, replacing your torii gate with a bigger one every time a prayer was answered, took hold. Images of the gates are impressive, but actually standing among them can feel otherworldly.

Shop Information

Shop name Terakoya Hompo, Fushimi Branch
Address 6,Fukakusa-inari-onmae-cho,Fushimi-ku,Kyoto
Business Hours 9:30-17:30(Hours vary according to the season)
Holidays Open 365 days a year
Telephone 075-645-7227
Fax 075-645-7227
Fushimi Inari Village Administrative Office

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