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100 years at the Fushimi Inari Shrine gift shop Fushimi dolls Takahata shopping & souvenirs

From the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine gathers the various souvenirs from what up good luck

Shop goes on more than 100 years at Fushimi Inari Shrine, souvenir shop. In addition to the figurines of the auspicious Maneki Neko, such as Fox, Oni, Tengu, okame and Hyottoko mask, doll, toy Fox with everything. Many foreign guests and guests of students, is our popular Inari limited edition souvenirs and Japanese goods in the capital. Souvenirs become memories of the Fushimi Inari Shrine, looking to please take a look at feet.

All hand-built Japan's oldest clay figurines,

From now on about 400 years ago, 1615 (0/1615), at Fushimi Inari (fukakusa-no-Sato) built for Clay's childhood toys became seafood right Mamoru gate said the beginning of the Fushimi dolls. Doll is the clay in a rustic old fashioned and very tasteful. Our doll is my father started building is build by hand all original doll. It is an important technology to protect fine sashimi and lovely soft look. Please to Inari are, have a look.

  • "Fox bells" each of white and yellow 900 yen.

  • By wood dust cloth paste masks also Takahata shop original. 'Byakko' large 10500 yen.

  • Popular "Inari Lantern" 1150 Yen is re-create the collector in response to popular tourist destinations.

  • Display the image of the mountain in Fushimi. Passing the senbon Torii, cute, Fox-like appearance!

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Shop name Fushimi dolls Takahata shopping & souvenirs
Address Kyoto Kyoto, Fushimi-Ku, fukakusa Inari-Cho in 46
Business Hours 8:30〜17:00
Holidays No regular holidays
Telephone 075-641-6038
Fax 075-641-6038
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