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Eat-your-way-through Fushimi Inari Route
  • Time required:About40Minute

On this route, you can find a nice wine bar, shops selling the signature product of this area: Inari Senbei crackers, a local tea shop selling green tea soft-serve ice cream and much more. Enjoy walking around the area and sample foods as the mood strikes you.

Terakoya Hompo, Fushimi Branch

A specialty shop of rice crackers, made from 100% domestic high-gluten rice. You will love the flavor of soy sauce slowly matured in a cedar keg. You can buy even a single cracker. Why don't you try one during your stroll?

on foot5minutes


on foot5minutes

Sohonke Sogyoku-do

We sell "Inari Senbei," the specialty of this Shrine town. We toast the crackers at our shop front. They are made of flour, sugar, white sesame and lastly a bit of white miso to add a delicate flavor. They are plain and simple, but tasty and highly recommended as a souvenir of the Fushimi Inari Shrine.

on foot5minutes

Eiffel - Inari Branch

Our fresh-baked bread has long been loved by local people. Our most popular item is "Ice Neo Chocolat," based on the idea of a local junior high school student. Many people love the surprising chill of this frozen bread.

on foot5minutes

Wine Store Daigen

We specialize in wine and have 3,500 labels in stock. You may find a rare bottle here. If you find it hard to choose one, please don't hesitate to ask the owner, who knows a lot about wine.

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