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Akihito mackerel sushi is delicious Near jianggu

Eat your inspirational reek! Popular taking over from predecessor mackerel sushi

Is the 4th generation of Inari Fushimi Inari station Keihan between the founding 100 years. Yet when thoughts and suddenly my father, footsteps from 30 years. Taught to various seniors and have defended the OMI House signs. It is Akihito mackerel sushi, demanding now than its predecessor. Use the jumbo salted mackerel of Shizuoka Prefecture YAIZU Beach selection, go to the market in the morning. Fit the mackerel on a roll of fat, thick, clean texture and slightly sweet to seasoned sushi rice. Mackerel sushi and sushi you can order from what penetration the noodles and set as please. TI Rishiri konbu and bonito, put the deep Sava section also enjoy slowly.

Try to get said yummy

Is the protagonist of the Inari sushi, fried says. From generation to generation with hand-fried tofu is tofu shop due to a recent decrease, while suppliers to develop careful flavor and texture to carefull. Offers is mediocrity from this study materials and taste, while customers can say delicious food you like.

  • Surprisingly in the thick of the body represented mackerel sushi is 1,450 yen for 1. Photography in two prior (book 1), can take it out.

  • Flagship product along with mackerel sushi "sushi" is seven with 980 yen. It is exquisitely refined sweetness of fried flavor with sushi rice.

  • Sushi set 980 yen udon is a bargain in the regulars is a popular menu.

  • Japanese eel baked with "Don" 1,580 yen. Chorizo sausage flavor.

Shop Information

Shop name Near jianggu
Address Kyoto, Fushimi-Ku, fukakusa Inari-Cho Imperial 82-4
Business Hours 9:00~17:00
Holidays No regular holidays
Telephone 075-641-2009
Fax 075-642-8825
Fushimi Inari Village Administrative Office

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