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We are keeping in mind that tourists will be celebrating Fushimi Inari.

It is a tea farmer who has a tea plantation in Ujitawara Town, although it has long traded along Honcho street. It seems that after the war, he moved to this place around 1954 and started a teahouse. Until then, my grandfather was apprenticating to a tea wholesaler, but we still have the margin to keep buying tea leaves. We deal with various Japanese tea such as Matcha, Gyokuro, Sencha, Brown Rice Tea, Hojicha.

Matcha sweets made by experts are exquisite.

Recently Japanese tea has become a boom overseas, especially Matcha is enjoyed by foreign people in various forms from sweets that everyone likes from sweets to full-fledged tea ceremony. At Otani tea garden, we can propose a drinking method unique to a specialty shop, and various things are offered as sweets. Among the most popular is Uji Green Tea Soft Cream, here is one item that does not come tired of being deliciously eaten tasty by the commitment of the owner. We prepare topping in the shop so please multiply on soft cream as you like. This topping is very popular. In addition, people who are not good at math tea can ever overcome Otani tea garden soft cream.We also have drinks such as Matcha soft cream and Matcha jelly parfait, Rich Green Tea, Matcha Cappuccino etc.

Japanese tea · Uji tea is also rich in variety and can be tasted.

Japanese tea · Uji tea is also rich in variety and can be tasted.

  • If you come to Inari you definitely want to eat popular items of Otani tea garden · Uji Maccha software (280 yen). A masterpiece of the distinctive characteristic of a teahouse using 100% of freshly ground Uji green tea. It is a very popular product where there are many customers of repeaters throughout Japan. Matcha is not only dark It makes me want to change the deep taste!Toppings of brown rice is very popular in the shop! !Come, please try!

  • Respected Otani tea garden "Tamaki Yokan" is 120 yen per piece. I handed over the tea leaves of the shop and made "Kameya Toshimitsu" specially made by Ms. Kameya. It is perfect for tea ceremony.

  • "Matcha Zenzai" (a set of green tea ice cream and roasted green tea)It is Matcha with a bonus with ice cream, a popular green tea soft cream for Matcha with Shiratama and Anjo in it.500 yen with goose noodles rice tea that goes well with matcha ice! !Even so, it is a good matcha green tea.HOT and ICE can be done!There is ice cream in the ICE.

  • Otani tea garden original "Shrine tea Ginger tea" "Green sugar tea Greentea" "Waka tea Blacktea" "Sencha Sencha" and "Matcha crunchy candy Matchacrunchcandy" It is a mini set that you choose two kinds of your choice. The price is also handy in terms of the size that makes it a handy item to feel easy to sell as a souvenir. Shrine tea is popular for ginger lovers, green sugar tea is super rich green tea flavor, Japanese tea is tasty without sugar Matcha crunchy candy is crispy It is a candy with delicious bitter effect.

Touristic spots recommended by shop owners

Private house designated as an important cultural asset

The residence on the opposite side of the tea shop "Otani Chaen" has been designated a cultural asset in recent years. This private property is not open to the public, but walking by, you can enjoy the distinctive roof and beautiful color scheme of the tiles.

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