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Kyoto city views can be kidayotsutsuji Chaya Nishi-sugamo arts village Pavilion

Retro tea awaits you at the steep staircase with panoramic views

In kidayotsutsuji located in inariyama hillside 233 metres above sea level, less involved Chaya 150 years from the end of Edo era. Opened a shelter serving as a security guard, late Tokugawa Kyoto police have deteriorated as the ikedaya incident, people can visit safely to Inari, as seems to be the beginning. Unleash the presence of Inari mountain pine pillars and beams is the main building dating back 100 years or so. West-facing seat dining room away from the older fluctuation glass is stuck on one side and overlooking the city, slowly enjoy a meal with a view.

To take full advantage of all five senses to make Inari

Has worked and put out snacks and sweet, not prepared as much as possible. Order sushi from fill with sushi rice and fried.Seasoned burdock root on chopped black sesame seeds in addition to the sushi rice is mixed with Squeeze gently to break into and eat horotto. Enjoy dining, air, panoramic views, or a leaf in the wind rubs sound.In all senses is walking down the steep stairs and ramps, we all come from I'm happy if you would enjoy charm of kidayotsutsuji.

  • Small size is 6 "sushi" 850 yen. Gladden tired body in sweet and spicy taste.

  • Nabe焼 udon 1100 circle with a large pad. For those who visit the falls line also provides hot all year round.

  • In Shonai-Fu had seasoned shippokuudon udon 800 yen. Very popular, and served in a bowl of red.

  • Maltose by the fermentation of natural sweet ginger flavor is spicy "cool candy" 450 yen. Changing the concentration depending on the season.

Shop Information

Shop name Nishi-sugamo arts village Pavilion
Address Kyoto municipal Fushimi Inari kanyuchi, 4 Tsuji
Business Hours 10:00 (SAT, Mon 9:00) and 17:00 (eat LO 15:30)
Holidays No regular holidays
Telephone 075-641-2482
Fax 075-641-2482
Fushimi Inari Village Administrative Office

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