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  • 2015-04-01

We come to always Fushimi Inari, Thank you very much.

This time, we opened more enjoy website Fushimi Inari "Fushimi Inari Village".

Local events and, such as tourist spot Recommended tourism courses, scoop information of the local store, the information to enjoy whole the Fushimi Inari, mall local will continue to introduce.

In addition, when a disaster occurs, your family, so you want helps those who are looking for safety information of your friends, you can switch to the "Disaster Message Board" that can be registered and search for safety information.

And, at the same time open and of this site, we established the free Wi-Fi in the shopping district of Fushimi Inari. Please use when searching for shopping information and tourist information.

The Fushimi Inari Village in the future, thank you.

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