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Grilled specialities coming from OTC, suzume焼ki and vortex

Quail and Sparrow are baked in the shop are our specialties. Sparrows are domestically produced cold using the Sparrow. Secret supplementing daily soy sauce-based sauce took soup from the bones of the quail, add Mirin, sake, Izarra, is thickened with arrowroot. With plenty of the sauce, and baked. If turned on, the pepper at the end, our sparrows and quail roasted is completed. Originally to harvest sparrows eat like was, but now that quite famous Inari.

At the Inari Shrine in the nearest dining specialties

It is a restaurant in Omotesando, we most close to Inari. In front of the shrine back home, have a meal can take a break and drink in the Sparrow. I think near offers fresh freezer after the buckwheat noodles, Tempura fried through, taste, aroma, texture, satisfaction or not. We also grilled with salt and soy sauce if you wish, sparrows, quails. Parlor on the second floor is 60 seats are available because a large number of guests available.

  • The vinegared rice mixed with finely chopped burdock root and plenty of Sesame fried sweetened cooked in a light soy sauce. "Inari寿shi" 910 yen (1 plate 7 pieces).

  • Enjoy the taste of fresh unique buckwheat noodles nishin Soba 970 yen. Smell of dashi flavored and whets the appetite.

  • Buy in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture and Saitama "quail". 1 skewer 700 yen (small), 850 yen (large).

  • Domestic cold using the Sparrow [Sparrow], ¥ 600 stick 1. One person one order as long as the shelf life at the store.

Shop Information

Shop name Places to eat-inafuku
Address Kyoto Kyoto, Fushimi-Ku, fukakusa gwanggaeto, 2-4
Business Hours 9:00〜17:00(LO16:30)
Holidays 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday
Telephone 075-641-3696
Fax 075-642-9580
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