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This is the birthplace of Inari Senbei (crackers). Sohonke Sogyoku-do

These are Inari Senbei, the handmade crackers still made in the same shape and from the same winning recipe from 80 years ago.

The founder of this shop moved here from Gifu prefecture more than 80 years ago in order to make miso senbei crackers using the high quality white miso of Kyoto. The ingredients he chose were white miso, flour, premium white sugar and white sesame. At first, he just made crackers from these ingredients, but then he started to wonder if he could make something interesting as a souvenir. That's how he came up with "Kitsune (Fox) senbei crackers" in the shape of a fox. Even now, we toast the crackers one by one, using the iron mold. On a busy day, we make 1,000 crackers.

Dare to select one of our Suzu bell crackers with an omikuji fortune inside.

The crackers are soft when they are freshly toasted, but as they get colder, they become harder and crispy. The omikuji fortune paper is inserted into the "Suzu (bell) senbei" while it is still soft. That is why you have to eat it to get the paper out to read. If you have a bite, you will enjoy the sesame flavor and faint sweetness. Please take our crackers home as a souvenior from your visit to the Shrine.

  • "Kitsune (Fox) Senbei (crackers)" are a standard souvenir of Fushimi Inari Shrine, and come in two sizes. "Large Foxes" (500 yen for 3 crackers) and "Small Foxes" (350 yen for 3 crackers).

  • "Fried Beans" (380 yen for 140g) is a cracker with a deep fried fava beans inside. It goes well with Japanese sake!

  • The crackers in the shape of a bell (400 yen for 5 crackers) have an omikuji fortune paper inside. This has been a popular product ever since we started this business.

  • We hand craft our crackers one by one with care, according to the method that has been handed down to us from our predecessors. The appetizing smell of the crackers from our shop seems to draw in passersby, who often stop and try some.

Touristic spots recommended by shop owners

Site of the Kyoto City Tram Inari Line Station

The park above the canal was a tram station until the Inari Line went out of business in 1970. If you look carefully under the concrete ramp, you can find the old rails.

Shop Information

Shop name Sohonke Sogyoku-do
Address 27-7,Fukakusa-ichinotsubo-cho,Fushimi-ku,Kyoto
Business Hours 7:30-19:00
Holidays Open 365 days a year
Telephone 075-641-1141
Fax 075-641-1141
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