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A traditional house wares store, where you can find hidden gems for any purpose. Hashimoto Shoten Store

Over the generations, we have continued retailing useful, traditional items that are easy to use.

Our store has an 84 year history and I am pleased to be the third generation of my family to manage this community-based house wares shop. Good household tools that have been trusted over the years will continue to serve us well, as long as there are stores that sell them. If shops stop carrying them, those tools will disappear. The reality is that many traditional stores like ours are disappearing. Therefore, we hold on to our stock of traditional tools, even though we don't know if they will ever sell. However, there are quite a few customers who come to us because we have the items that supermarkets and mass retailers do not. Some people like to shop where there are fewer choices, but I know the nuance of the tools I sell and have the patience to help customers select the best tool for each type of work they undertake.

Please talk to us about what you need and we will help you choose the most appropriate of our specialty items.

Customers will be surprised to see so many different kinds of brooms. Each broom is suited to a special purpose. The broom most suitable to an area is the one that is easiest to use in that place. I'm happy to explain the differences and how to use each broom. There are times when a customer asks for something, and I will go behind the store to look for it in our warehouse. Our store is a place to have conversations. Some old customers cannot remember the names of what they came to buy. They just explain to me where they will be using the item, and for what purpose and I can usually figure out what they want. So, if you need any kind of tools, just ask me!

  • Our three piece Arita-ware set includes a mug that is easier to hold than other cups, especially for elderly people and those with disabilities involving their hands. It is very light, but sturdy.

  • Be sure to see our "Convenient Teapot," it is an example of purple-clay Banko-yaki ware from Yokkaichi. We also have Arita-ware tea pots from Kyushu and earthen teapots in a range of sizes.

  • Are you looking for a sustainable souvenir? Our domestically produced high quality hemp palm scrub brushes are highly recommended. Ask for the kamenoko brand. We have different sizes for different jobs. We also have wooden matches in retro boxes, both in large and small lots.

  • Bamboo whisk broom. The tip of the broom is inclined, so you can use it to sweep the dirt out of the corners of steps and other hard to reach places. You will understand how wonderfully useful it is, when you actually use it.

Touristic spots recommended by shop owners

Fushimi Kandakara Jinja Shrine

This shrine is independent, not a branch of Fushimi Inari Shrine, in spite of being located located within the grounds. It was established in the Heian period and was originally on Inariyama Mountain. It is now on the hill of the thousand torii gates. Amaterasu Omikami is its main deity. It also enshrines Inari Okami and 10 sacred treasures. In front of the main shrine, in place of the usual liondogs, you will find a pair of guardian dragons.

Shop Information

Shop name Hashimoto Shoten Store
Address 33,Fukakusa-inari-nakano-cho,Fushimi-ku,Kyoto
Business Hours 10:00-18:00
Holidays No fixed holidays (closed on random days)
Telephone 075-641-5680
Fax 075-641-5680
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