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Delicious rice selected by a master of rice Hasegawa Rice Store

The rice from this store is offered to the gods at Fushimi Inari Shrine.

The the third generation owner of this rice store, established in 1935, is a qualified five star master of rice. The rice we sell in this store is grown by our contract farmers. And we mill the rice every day at our own facility to insure freshness. We also sell specialty vegetables and fruit from other parts of Japan, such as mandarin oranges from Ehime and Wakayama, taros from the Ohno area of Fukui, etc. When we find a specialty that local people truly enjoy, we ask them to share a little with our customers.

We provide excellent quality rice and the fresh produce you need to prepare delicious dishes to go with it.

Every Friday we feature a farmer's market with vegetables harvested in Kamigamo, Kyoto earlier the same morning. Our customers exclaim about their freshness and taste. If you love hot rice with a raw egg mixed in, you should know we receive fresh eggs every day from a poultry farm in Tamba. We are a community-based retailer, so we try to deliver the goods to our customers right away after receiving their orders. Since Inari is the god of the harvest, some of our customers buy our rice and azuki beans to offer up at the shrine. We also take rice offerings up to the shrine if you prefer to have your offering delivered.

  • In addition to locally grown rice, we also have specially selected brands of rice from other areas, such as Akita-komachi, Yume-gokohi, Milky Queen (a sweeter tasting rice), etc.

  • Our soybeans are almost entirely grown in Kyoto prefecture. Soybeans are said to decrease your cholesterol level, protect your liver and prevent hardening of the arteries. They will help you avoid constipation and lifestyle-related diseases.

  • Eggs from the local farms are wonderful with rice. (10 eggs/310 yen) We have fresh eggs arriving daily.

  • I, a five star master of rice, deliver delicious rice to our customers every day.

Touristic spots recommended by shop owners

Haraobi Jizo (the guardian deity of children with a support girdle)

This Jizo statue at Sesshu-in is believed to have asked to be carried on a traveller's back as he passed through a valley. It asked to be put down at this place. It looked like an earthen statue, but after a wash, it turned out to be a wooden one. It was painted all over, which made us think it was made during the Edo period, but after being dismantled for repairs, it proved to be from the late Heian (794-1185) period.

Shop Information

Shop name Hasegawa Rice Store
Address 47,Fukakusa-ichinotsubo-cho,Fushimi-ku,Kyoto
Business Hours 8:00-18:00
Holidays Sundays and Public Holidays
Telephone 075-641-1121
Fax 075-641-2321
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