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Sansho (menthal peppercorn) flavored dried infant sardines, prepared by a skilled artisan Kyoto Gohachi-Do

Enjoy the flavors of top Japanese restaurants, at home!

Our shop opened only 4 years ago, but our recipe is from our grandfather, who trained at a top Kyoto restaurant. Even though he has passed away, we hold his special recipe dear. Now we sell by retail for visitors at Fushimi Inari Shrine. As a souvenir, this unique taste treat is one recipients won't soon forget.

Our specially selected ingredients are cooked by a skillful artisan.

Our dried infant sardines are either from Kyushu or the Inland Sea, areas famous for quality. We purchase our fish at the location that is better in each season. We also use selected sansho peppercorns from the Arita in Wakayama prefecture and cook them with soy sauce, sweet sake, and refined sake. It's all prepared by our skilled artisans. Please enjoy our products with steamed rice, or as a side dish with sake.

  • "Hannari" (700 yen for 80g), cooked with light-colored soy sauce, is light in color. You can have some on your rice, or pour hot tea over it and the rice. It is also good mixed in when making rice balls.

  • "Daikan-daki"(1,000 yen for 80g) is a revival of our grandfather's recipe from 80 years ago. This is a medicinal food, containing 8 ingredients including walnuts, lycium fruit and pine nuts. It is popular among women.

  • "Shiitake Kombu (Shiitake mushrooms and kelp)"(700 yen for 150 g) is made of thick and tasty shiitake mushrooms from Ohita prefecture and kelp from Hidaka. We cooked it until it took on a well-mellowed taste.

  • Are you an anime fan? One special set of our regional products collaborated with "Inari, Konkon, Koi-iroha." This special packaging is a must-see for anime fans.

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Shop Information

Shop name Kyoto Gohachi-Do
Address 69,Fukakusa-inari-onmae-cho,Fushimi-ku,Kyoto
Business Hours 10:00-18:00
Holidays Open 365 days a year
Telephone 075-641-1320
Fax 075-641-1320
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