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Reliable Inari greengrocer いなり大果園

Feeling Super fresh vegetables and fruits to eat, buy

Specializes in fruit and fresh vegetables at the Central wholesale market. Large, are custom-built to the customer's taste, and the look as good. But Japan produce a reputation for safety and looks like. For example in a foreign country are strawberries-Strawberry and sweetness, sourness, is there is 1 in Japan "Amao", "faint" sweetness with acidity, and so on to more varieties each has characteristics. Eater's tastes and recipes vary, featured is the fun part of doing business.

Snuggled up to the local customer service

There are regulars, so more or less remember also the preference of the person. It is so easy and product recommendations. Ladies and gentlemen, things like eating and I already teach food, so eat well too. Or sell as they sell in a State boiled bamboo shoots, peeled taro also designed busy where you can cook without hassle. Reputation is made with vegetable store homemade pickles.

  • Featured ●ring size, meat stuffed in and eat. "Manganji Peppers' one bag 310 yen.

  • Cold, it also must be strictly and put it in the rice cake soup delicious "shrimp potato" 1 kg 850 yen.

  • Boiled, so can cook quickly. "Bamboo shoots" 100 g 350 yen.

  • Only a seasonal debut to "faint" 750 yen, "Amao" 850 yen. Compared to try please.

Shop Information

Shop name いなり大果園
Address Kyoto Kyoto, Fushimi-Ku, fukakusa Inari-Cho Imperial 66 in Inari Center
Business Hours 9:00〜19:00
Holidays Holidays, summer, bank holidays (part)
Telephone 075-642-3965
Fax 075-642-3965
Fushimi Inari Village Administrative Office

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