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Almost gone stiff approach that sweets Fushimi Inari Shrine-Chaya

After a visit to sweet day getting stiff please

In the middle of a paved Causeway of sweets, is engaged. To warm in the cold, sweet ginger, on a hot day during the ice and, from children to the elderly to visit and explore the way stop by and Poker offers our rest and ice. It has changed the green tea to enjoy Kyoto tea, use the menu every. Say man there is beer, full day, is recommended.

Now that became the most popular menu is named after the mythological, they developed

That tradition grows rice on the peak of Mount Inari is the mochi white birds fly and stayed there. Started 18 years ago, and not to hear it, suddenly both malted rice Amazake and mochi rice because you won't come up with is "Inari mzke". We sampled may be combined, but the surprising "very fit! "And glad, now, and our popular menu. Mochi is also has good.

  • Famous large rice cakes topped lids to sweet Inari Amazake (with envy) 520 yen.

  • The Green-eyed Monster swollen puffy topped ogura and incapable of having "countryside has" 570 yen. Rice cakes are baked fresh, so hot out here.

  • Green tea float (Matcha ice cream)"using the Uji Matcha is popular on a hot day.

  • Sweetness is equipped with a beer (Corona, Heineken) 520 yen (Asahi, Sapporo), 600 yen.

Shop Information

Shop name Fushimi Inari Shrine-Chaya
Address Gwanggaeto town 1-10 fukakusa Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture
Business Hours 10:00〜17:30
Holidays No regular holidays
Telephone 075-642-6426
Fushimi Inari Village Administrative Office

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