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At this café, time passes by comfortably and quietly. Café Goo

Take it out or drink it here! Our original coffee blend, made in a siphon extractor, has a great aroma and plenty of body. We put a lot of love into roasting the beans.

I have been making coffee with a siphon extractor for 30 years now. I opened this café in 2000 here at Fushimi Inari, hoping that many people would enjoy the wonderful aroma and flavor of my thoughtfully prepared coffee. We decided on a wooden interior to help our customers feel relaxed. We have both counters and tables, so you can come here either by yourself or with your family or other groups.

We would like everyone, from local residents to tourist from overseas, to have a good time in our café.

We have regular customers who have been coming here for over 10 years. These days, we are also welcoming many overseas tourists. We open at 7 am to provide a convenient breakfast for persons on their way back from visiting the shrine. For tourists, we have some Japanese style drinks, such as powdered green tea from Uji and a thick, warming drink made from authentic Yoshino kudzu. The summer specials (May-Oct) are gelatin desserts made of powdered-green tea from Uji or siphoned coffee. My son and daughter sometimes assist me. They both speak English, so they can help you with your sightseeing plans. If you are pressed for time, remember that we have "take out." Siphon-brewed coffee is worth the wait.

  • We blend beans specifically for use in our siphon extractor. (400 yen a cup) If you buy a bundle of coffee tickets for 4,000 yen, you can get 11 cups of coffee (1 extra cup for free).

  • We highly recommend this cheese cake (500 yen). It is the same as what is provided at an exclusive Kyoto hotel. Order this cake with a cup of coffee (the "cheesecake set") and pay only 700 yen for a 900 yen value.

  • Our powdered-green tea (400 yen) is made from high quality Uji tea, so it is less bitter than most. You don't have to know tea ceremony etiquette - just enjoy the tea as you would coffee.

  • Making a delicious siphon-brew requires a lot of experience. Only a trained eye knows when the coffee beans are sufficiently steamed.

Touristic spots recommended by shop owners

Omikuji at Itchinomine (First Summit)

Ichinomine, 233 meters above sea level, is the highest summit of Inariyama Mountain. This summit was worshipped as the deity Suehiro Okami long before people built Oyazuka (donated stone monuments engraved with deity's names). The inscription of "Suehiro-sha" on the back of the Oyazuka is proof. If you go beyond the right side of the shrine, you will find a place to draw an omikuji fortune paper by yourself to find your fortune. The omikuji here have a reputation for high accuracy. This alone may be worth the 40 minute walk to get here.

Shop Information

Shop name Café Goo
Address 27-10,Fukakusa-ichinotsubo-cho,Fushimi-ku,Kyoto
Business Hours 7:00-17:30
Holidays Tuesdays(Open when public holidays fall on the first day of the month.)
Telephone 075-641-7577
Fax 075-641-7577
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